Fairholme Campus Development

The expansive Fairholme College Toowoomba campus as it is known today, is steeped in history and heritage. Originating from one classroom in 1921 the college has grown into a sprawling educational facility covering all grades and including modern boarding and sporting facilities.

As in most provincial boarding schools throughout Australia in the twenties, thirties and forties, the varying material fortunes of Fairholme were reflected in the variety and state of wooden buildings erected, some becoming unserviceable and having to be demolished. However, Fairholme is fortunate in the number of heritage buildings that have remained and, after restoration and care, are still in use.

We invite you to take a walk through the eras with us as we recount some of our most significant development milestones:


Historic Fairholme scenes

  • 1921 The ‘classroom’ (now Music Block) was built.
  • 1928 The first Black Dormitory was built.
  • 1929 The Kindergarten Bungalow (now in N.W. corner) was built.


  • 1956 The first stage of South Dormitory was completed.
  • 1957 The College Oval was redeveloped.
  • 1958 The original Assembly Hall was opened.
  • 1961 The Swimming Pool was completed.
  • 1964 South Dormitory was completed.
  • 1965 Following the purchase of the “Talara” property facing Webb Park, the first Principal’s Cottage was built.
  • 1965 The present Science Block was built (with Federal Government grants).

South Boarding House construction


  • 1970 A new Administration Centre and Library was built.
  • 1974 The Dining Hall, Kitchen and Tuck Shop were built.
  • 1981-82 Black Dormitory was rebuilt and a lower floor added. The main Classroom Block and Middle School were built. ‘C’ Block was reconstructed for staff accommodation, Art and Computer rooms.


  • 1984 The new College Infirmary was built in South Dormitory. Two town houses were built for resident Staff families. The new Principal's Residence was built.
  • 1986 The Nancy Shaw Building was completed (for Seniors' Dormitory, Home Economics Centre, and College Laundry).
  • 1987 Assembly Hall extensions and main western entrance to the Hall were completed.
  • 1988 A house and 0.5 hectares of land in Wirra Wirra Street were acquired for future playing courts and Staff residence.
  • 1989-90 Boarding Administration Office and Head of Residence Unit built as was the Alex Laurie Administration Building, the Lindsay Statham Building incorporating the Primary wing, the Junior Secondary classrooms, the Art Studios and the Commercial Centre; The Ray Powell Indoor Heated Pool and the Bruce Manning Gymnasium.


  • 1991 Chaplain’s Manse purchased - 1 Oak Court.
  • 1994 Jean Tassie Dormitory and College Refectory.
  • 1995 Trainer Pool enclosed and heated.
  • 1996 Pre-School reopened.
  • 1997 New Science laboratory built, Library relocated to Lower G Block and Amy Carson Room established.
  • 1998-9 Patrea O’Shea Building relocated and refurbished.

The Patrea O'Shea Building relocated & refurbished


  • 2000 Greta Statham Learning Centre established.
  • 2001 Primary Administration Area established.
  • 2002 Greta Statham Learning Centre air-conditioned. Fairholme Homestead refurbishment completed.
  • 2003 Driveway closed to traffic and redeveloped as landscaped area for student use.
  • 2003 Driveway closed to traffic and redeveloped as landscaped area for student use. Early Childhood Centre refurbished to accommodate the re-established Kindergarten program.
  • 2004 Early Childhood Centre extended to accommodate two streams of Kindergarten and two streams of Pre-School.
  • 2006 Construction commenced on a $7 million purpose-built Middle School providing 14 rooms for Years 7, 8 and 9.
  • 2008 Middle School officially open by Quentin Bryce (then Governor of Queensland).
  • 2009 Refurbishment of G Block Classrooms and Health Centre.
  • 2009 Refurbishment of foyer to Old Administration Building for Archival displays.
  • 2010 Construction of the new Junior School Library.

New Junior Library constructed in 2012


  • 2011
    • Upgrades to S Block and Facilities office
    • Upgrades to G Block, L Block, and Junior school
    • New carpets in areas flooded in January 2011
    • Boarding House renovations and remodelled areas included - Boarding House offices, Upper and Lower South Dorm bathrooms, Lower Black Dorm courtyard
  • 2012
    • Extensive upgrades to Gym - new flooring and windows
    • Upgrades in Boarding House
    • Upgrades in Dining Hall - new ceiling and fitting
    • Upgrades to C Block, L Block and Junior School classrooms
  • 2013
    • Replacement of retaining wall along Wirra Wirra Street
    • L Block classroom refurbishment completed
    • Major refurbishment of The Learning Centre
    • Western Townhouse refurbishment
    • Air-conditioning installed in all Senior School classrooms
    • Redesigned and rebuilt Kindy outdoor play area
  • 2014
    • Nancy Shaw Dorm - additional facilities, extension, refurbishment
    • Upgrade of Home Economics kitchen and installation of café area
    • Assembly Hall - fully air-conditioned, new sound and lighting box
    • Gym/Pool area - additional equipment
    • Eastern Townhouse refurbishment
    • Art Block - refurbishment and new art kiln
    • Junior School - refurbishment of classrooms
    • Board Room - refurbishment, new table and chairs
  • 2014 - 2015
    • Complete renovation of Black Dorm building
    • Complete redevelopment of P & F Courtyard and surrounds - including enlarged play area for Junior School, complete with shade sails
    • Installation of directional signage including illuminated maps