About Fairholme College

Our vision

Fairholme: a nurturing Christian school, committed to developing a vibrant learning community; one that challenges students to become confident and respectful contributors within our global society.

Our values

  • Christ-centred faith
  • Collaboration
  • Enjoyment
  • Respect
  • Seeking excellence

Our aims

Fairholme College is a College of the Presbyterian Church of Queensland, with the following stated aims:

  1. To lead students to a knowledge and understanding of the Christian faith and to nurture their growth in the Christian life;
  2. To provide a program of the highest possible educational standards at all levels of primary and secondary education;
  3. To prepare students for a life of service as well-educated, concerned and useful members of society, the community and the family, and as participating members of the Christian Church.
  4. To offer the wider community an independent alternative form of education which aims to develop individual potential and serves to guide its students in such a way that they are capable of making responsible decisions and a personal Christian commitment for their future lives.

Fairholme’s mission & aims are reflected in her students

Fairholme’s Christian foundation pervades its whole life. The College upholds the principle of open entry to all students capable of conventional schooling.

The College believes that students perform best only when set real challenges. This is genuine pastoral care and it provides a sense of achievement and self-respect.

The College emphasises the traditional values of hard work, fair play and a pride in one’s appearance and behaviour. The special character of the College lies in its harmonious balance between boarders and day students. The College was founded to provide a boarding school for rural families and continues to place heavy emphasis on its role as a 'home away from home'.

The College seeks to be a Christian school by emphasising:

(a) The quality of relationships: At all levels, Principal - staff, staff - staff, staff - students, staff - parents, relationships are based on the Christian virtues of trust, mutual respect and tolerance. It is a “family” school, where individuals are accepted.

(b) The quest for truth: The Christian school encourages a hunger for truth, an intellectual curiosity, and a training for students to think for themselves. It presents the Christian message winsomely but respects the independence of those whose views differ.

(c) Concern for the growth of persons: If the Christian school believes that each individual is known and loved by God, each member of the school community (Staff, Students, Parents, Directors) will be encouraged to develop her/his gifts for the service of God and mankind.