Fairholme College Boarding House is proud of the care given to each girl who calls it ‘home’. This support and nurturing comes firstly from our dedicated, professional and experienced staff, and also from the other boarders themselves. Older girls support younger girls in a buddy system that has yielded many lasting friendships built on trust and time.

Boarding is a very special time in a girl’s life. We are keenly aware that while a girl lives at the Boarding House, their every experience, both challenging and rewarding alike, contributes to the greater fabric of their years spent growing into a young woman.

As such, our core network of the:

  • Head of Boarding
  • Deputy Heads of Boarding
  • Boarding Supervisors
  • Assistants to the Boarding House (Pastoral Care)
  • Boarding House Recreation Officer
  • Health Centre Nursing Staff
  • Older Boarders and, if needed…
  • The School Counsellor or Head of House

are thorough and intentional in helping the girls adjust to their new situation and environment, not only in their early days as a boarder but for each of their years under our care.


Girls are strongly encouraged to make full use of all sporting and cultural pursuits, participating in anything from swimming, athletics, taekwondo and ballet, to chess, debating, drama and music. Fairholme College has a wealth of opportunity and facilities that boarders are welcome to enjoy including a heated 25m lap pool, athletics equipment and oval, tennis courts, with coaching available for these sports and many others. Morning and afternoon fitness classes, as well as a variety of other activities are carried out in the College Sport Centre. The more the girls are involved, the more they enjoy boarding life.

Our chef and kitchen staff work tirelessly to ensure that our boarders receive nutritious, delicious menus at all meal occasions: breakfast, morning tea, lunch, afternoon tea, dessert and supper. Dishes are well thought out, sourced from local produce, and prepared to an exceptionally high standard. A ‘quality circle’ of students and catering company staff meets regularly to review menus.

Download this week’s meal menu:

Small essentials such as soap, toothpaste and deodorant may be purchased from the HOLMEStore › Parents should deposit money in an account with the HolmeStore so that their daughters may purchase items needed during the term.

Opening Hours (Term Time)
Monday 1.45 - 4pm
Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday 7.45am - 4pm
Friday 7.45am - 2.30pm

Health Centre:
Our Health Centre ensures that medical care from qualified professionals is available onsite 24/7. Sick girls will remain in the Health Centre overnight under the care of the nursing sister on duty.  Our Nurse Manager oversees all health concerns and maintains regular updates with the boarders’ parents. A local medical Practitioner visits our Health Centre three times a week to run on-site clinics for girls who are unwell. Contact via healthcentre@fairholme.qld.edu.au



Weekend leave is a wonderful opportunity for parents or guardians to spend time with their daughters. Afternoon leave, tea leave and overnight leave can also be arranged. Shopping leave is available once a week to seniors, who may request a taxi to town after school.  On Saturdays, girls may go shopping to Grand Central Shopping Mall for 2.5 hours, in uniform, with supervisors. 

Recreation activities are organised for each weekend during the term by the Boarding House Recreation Officer and the Boarder Recreation Committee.  Some activities are co-ordinated with other schools in Toowoomba and in Brisbane, including games afternoons, movies, ice skating, ten-pin bowling, theatre or ballet productions, crafts, scrapbooking and visits to theme parks.

Common rooms are available for television watching, as well as movies on weekends. Small CD or iPod players are welcome for the enjoyment of music. For those who play, boarders may practise in the Music rooms before and after school, and on weekends. Music lessons occur during weekdays.

Boarders have several opportunities throughout the year to contribute or volunteer towards a charity or community project that is important to them.  Service activities and events include World Vision Sponsorship, Riding for the Disabled, etc.


Several times a term a Chapel service, run by the College Chaplain, is held on a Sunday evening.  Boarder girls are to attend a church service every Sunday during term time.  Parents may choose from six different churches and girls will be transported to their chosen church by bus, except when in walking distance. Our Pastoral Care staff and Chaplain provide an additional source of ongoing support and care for the Boarders.