Built on the escarpment of the Great Dividing Range, the Fairholme College Boarding House has magnificent views of the Lockyer Valley. This peaceful setting in the provincial city of Toowoomba, Queensland offers a picturesque boarding experience for girls from Year 6 to Year 12.

Living Areas

Boarding house bedrooms are a spacious, inviting and friendly environment to ensure that the girls feel ‘at home’. The configuration of bedrooms can differ depending on the year level, with Years 6 to 10 living in bedrooms with up to four girls, and older girls enjoying double or singe rooms.

Living areas feature:

  • King single beds with hypo-allergenic mattresses
  • Bedlinen and towels provided
  • Own wardrobes and drawers
  • Own desk / table / dressing table
  • Shared bathroom amenities

The main Boarding House in vertically structured floors of rooms, with girls always sharing with their own year level. Our 6 and 7 girls live in the Nancy Shaw House all year round. Each term, girls change rooms and change with whom they share. This ensures everyone has a turn in different parts of the Boarding House and also gets to know more girls in their year group.

Dining Room

This room hums with the sound of happy girls at each mealtime. Chefs and kitchen staff take a genuine interest in the girls and cook for them with health, nutrition and enjoyment in mind.

Our boarders enjoy sumptuous menu items such as oven baked salmon and barramundi with hollandaise sauce, asparagus and spinach, steamed new potatoes and Waldorf salad for dinner. Breakfast features an assortment of hot and cold dishes and fruit, lunch is a tasty hot dish with cold meats and salad available and there’s plenty of comforting baking on offer for sweet treats – ginger bread, banana loaf, sticky date pudding and blueberry muffins, to name a few.

Good table manners are important and will be encouraged, as will punctuality at the start of mealtimes. Following the philosophy of the living areas, girls will rotate tables at regular intervals to ensure all boarders have the chance to get to know others.

Black Dorm Refurbishment


Common Rooms

Common rooms are designed to encourage relaxation, recreation and friendship with other girls. They feature Kitchens which can be used for making tea, soup, noodles, popcorn and large comfortable lounge areas with TV, DVD and music facilities. Television may be watched in common rooms until 5.30pm on weekdays and anytime during the weekend, with the discretion of the staff on duty. Movies are available to be borrowed for viewing on the weekends.

Sport Facilities

Fairholme College has a wealth of opportunity and facilities that boarders are welcome to enjoy including a heated 25m lap pool contained within the College Sports Centre, athletics equipment, oval and tennis courts. Coaching is also available for a multitude of other sports such as netball, equestrian, water polo, cross country and volleyball.

Staying Clean & Green

A group of senior boarders and any interested volunteers are responsible for the organisation of ecologically sustainable practices within the Boarding House, for example water saving strategies.