We encourage boarder parents to stay actively connected with their daughter’s daily routine and upcoming schedule at Fairholme College. Calendar events, news and updates will be posted to this page regularly, and in the event of a specific need or enquiry, we welcome you to contact our Boarding House staff directly.

Keeping in Touch

Main Contact Details

Boarding House gmap40 Wirra Wirra Street
(Car park access via Fairholme Street )
Toowoomba QLD 4350

T +61 7 4688 4611
F +61 7 4688 4693

Health Centre

T +61 7 4688 4613

Boarding House Staff

Boarding House

Boarding House Staff

Head of Boarding

Ms Marguerite Dunne
T 07 4688 4688
E marguerite.dunne@fairholme.qld.edu.au

Assistant to Head of Boarding

Mrs Donna Smith
T 07 4688 4663
E donna.smith@fairholme.qld.edu.au

Deputy Head of Boarding - Senior School Boarding Coordinator

Ms Leigh Pickstone
T 07 4688 2340

Boarding Office Manager

Miss Elaine Burns
T 07 4688 4611

Junior and Middle School Boarding Coordinator

Ms Pauline Smith
T 07 4688 4675

Assistant to the Boarding House - Pastoral Care

Mrs Jenny Sutton
T 07 4688 4696
E jenny.sutton@fairholme.qld.edu.au

Boarding Supervisors

Mrs Geraldine Donaghy (Black)
Mrs Julie Devine (Nancy Shaw/Jean Tassie)
Mrs Michelle Jackson (South)
Mrs Maree Morrison (Nancy Shaw/Jean Tassie)
Miss Abbi Smith (South)
Ms Bronwyn Walsh (Black)

Floor Supervisor Mobile

Black 0438023623
South 0438032659
Nancy Shaw/Jean Tassie 0438048757

Boarding Calendar

Boarder Support Group Meeting
Boarders into Residence by 5pm
Pupil Free Day

Boarder Prefects' Meeting, Boarding Office, 12.20-1pm

Day Families (Middle and Senior School) - Parent/Teacher/Student Interviews - Assembly Hall, 3.40-6pm

Year 8 - 12 Boarders' Social - Assembly Hall, 7-9.30pm
Boarders' Shopping - Grand Central ShoppingCentre, 9.15am-12.15pm

Boarders' Fitness Class - Gym, 6.15-7am

Boarders' Fitness Class - Gym & Dance Room,4-5pm

Boarders' Fitness Class - Gym & Dance Room,4-5pm

Boarders' Fitness Class - Gym, 6.15-7am

Boarder Prefects Meeting, Boarding Office, 12.20-1 PM

Fairholme College Boarding Orientation Program, Fri 1pm - Sat 2.30pm
Boarders' Travel Day
Pupil Free Day

Fairholme College Boarding Orientation Program, Fri 1pm - Sat 2.30

Parent/Student/Teacher Interviews - ALL FAMILIES-Assembly Hall, 2-5.30pm
Boarders into Residence by 5pm
Pupil Free Day
Boarder Support Group Meeting

Boarder Support Group

The Boarder Support Group seeks to support the school in its aim to create a safe, nurturing and enjoyable ‘home away from home’ for our boarder girls, and represents an important communication link between boarders, their families and the school.

Like the P&F, the Boarder Support Group also provides a friend-raising and networking forum for parents. At times, this group assists in P&F fundraising activities most notably, its long tradition of running the Boarder Cent sale at the annual Spring Fair.

Read more about the Boarder Support Group


College News

Setting The Barre High

Two Fairholme Dance students have been accepted into the prestigious Elite Performance course at Brent Street, and are two of only six selected for a call back to sit scholarship auditions. Zara Eather and Hannah Cook are on pointe to become leading Australian dancers. 

A Decade Of Roos' Elegance At Fairholme

Eddie Roos has a lot to celebrate. His youngest daughter, Lindy, finishes at Fairholme this year. Another daughter, Marli, will complete University studies this year. His successful business, Cosmetic Elegance, is preparing to celebrate a decade in an ever changing industry. As he reflects on the past ten years in Toowoomba, this successful Doctor is keen to throw his support behind the College that has educated his girls.  

An Open Artist

Vivienne Heckles set herself up on the verandas of the Fairholme Homestead, as part of Open Homestead at the College during the month of May. The local artist shared her amazing journey with our students, explaining how she has navigated her career around many changes and events in her life. 

Cross Country Victory

Fairholme's Cross Country team has taken home the Toowoomba Secondary Schools Sport Cross Country trophy for the fourth year in a row. 

A Handful of Home

Heather Harrison spent 25 years as the College Nurse at Fairholme. Originally from Aramac, and a Boarder at Fairholme in the 50s, she returned to the region with Principal, Dr Linda Evans and Head of Boarding, Margie Dunne, to visit future families and Old Girls. She met up with Old Girls who've faced indescribable tragedies, from heartbreaking droughts to the devastating loss of loved ones. It struck Sister Harrison, as they toured the dry and dusty outback, that the Fairholme determination and spirit is not easily broken. 

Home Is Everywhere, But No Where.

Grace Scanlon is a Boarder at Fairholme College, a long way away from her parents in Hong Kong. But for Grace, home is here at Fairholme, home is more than five thousand kilometers away, home is down the road at a Fairholme friend's house. There is no defining dwelling that spells out H O M E for this Boarder, and she is proud to call herself a third culture kid. 

She Can Do Anything

She can navigate more than 120 kilometres cross country in five days, carrying a 30 kilo body pack. She can live off 2 minute noodles, camp outside in freezing conditions, and has just survived one of the most arduous Adventure Training courses for teenagers in the nation. But, ask Stephanie Millar if she's ready for another adventure, and the answer is always, absolutely.  

Battling The Barkly Breeze

Emm Bambling finished at Fairholme in 2013, with her heart set on mustering cattle down a dusty road in outback Australia, into the arms of a handsome stockman. Reality set in pretty quickly but so did her fierce Fairholme determination. She hung in there, learnt a few new life lessons and surprised herself. As for romance, it might just be the Barkly Breeze that's won our Fairholme girl's heart. 

Meet A Fairholme Teacher

Kylie Wallis lives alongside hundreds of boys. She is a mother to 15 year old Tom, and a wife to Grammar Boarding Master, Tony. She loves fairy lights and gardening and plans on running a half marathon this year. But, when she makes an anxious Fairholme student a cup of tea, feeds them a sweet biscuit and helps them understand that everything will be ok, her most important job is done. 

Kamakura, Buddhas And Train Travel

Fairholme students, Scarlett Winter, Olivia Ross and Piper Warren have spent a day in Kamakura, taking selfies inside the famous Buddha, talking loudly on trains, eating western inspired food and discovering black sand on a local beach.  

The Tokyo SUBWAY! and More

Fairholme student, Vera Turner shares her adventures on the Tokyo subway, her amazement of the Skytree and how they move in Japan 

Climb Any Mountain

"Just give it a go. One kilometer at a time. That's applicable to any challenge in life. I just used that same mentality to make it through a Maths exam I sat 5 minutes ago. You get in there and try your hardest... who knows where you'll end up." - 16 year old Ellie Randall just 'got in there and had a go' at the Ride the Range 112km Event at the weekend, and was the first female to cross the finish line, in 3 hours 43 minutes. She's been riding long distance for just 5 months. 

Fitting Together the Pieces

Fairholme Junior School artistic talents will be front and centre at the opening of the next stage of Grand Central. Girls from Prep to Year 6 collaborated on a giant jigsaw puzzle to create a piece that reflects what Toowoomba means to them: Table Top Mountain, 'friendly, happy' people, flowers & gardens. The puzzle will be hung at the entrance to the new Woolworths on level 1 from 29 March. 

Meet A Fairholme Teacher

As she prepares for her 16th Fairholme Junior Musical, The Spirit of Fairholme, Belinda Eldridge reflects on the College she's felt at home with long before her teaching career began, how she's building the Fairholme pride of the next generation, and why her favourite holiday must always include mountain air, good coffee and best friend named Juliette. 

Crafting The Mackenzie Frenzie

Laura Craft is carving out a new track for girls in Mountain Biking, after taking out first place in the Oceanic Championships on one of the fastest and most popular downhill tracks. The thrill of the sport has the Fairholme trail blazer hooked, now she aims to introduce more girls to the tracks, and she's already convinced her Mum. 

Mind The Gap

They probably picked the worst month to settle into the Australian climate, but it will take more than an unusually hot Aussie summer to keep our Gap Students away from Fairholme. Hannah, Millie, Maitri and Pheobe have travelled from America and England to work in the Boarding House during a Gap year, and they say the best is yet to come. 

When Brunch Becomes Lunch

Travelling to towns where Boarder families feel at home, takes Fairholme out of its comfort zone. For just one day, academic and boarding staff are in the shoes of a Boarder parent. According to Principal, Linda Evans, it's worth every kilometre, every bogged car, every wrong turn and every beaten track. 

Meet A Fairholme Teacher

She is more than a teacher, and by her own admission, a mentor to many young girls forging a pathway that will lead them to their chosen career. Meet Arlie Hollindale, our Co-Ordinator of Vocational Education, mother of three, compromising Caravaning Companion, and the woman who happily takes responsibility of ensuring your daughter knows who she is, where she is going, and what she wants. 

Fair Scholarships

Talented musician, OP 1 student and now UQ Medicine student, Clara Lee, is all the inspiration needed to apply for a music scholarship at Fairholme. 

Bourke to Boarding

Up until a couple of weeks ago she'd never even played a team sport, or stepped inside a classroom. Now Katie McGrath is loving Science in a 'real lab', French lessons with a specialised teacher, and playing Basketball on Friday nights. The Boarder from Bourke is nearly 800 kilometres from home, and chances are, she won't be too homesick this weekend, when the mercury hits 46 degrees in the outback town. 

Pirouetting Around the World

From Bowenville to Budapest, and everywhere in between, there's not a pirouette Holly Bradley hasn't seen. In July, the 15 year old will be on show across Europe, along with some of the world finest ballerinas. 

Meet The Youngest Fairholme Boarder

Pennelope Skene may be the youngest Boarder at Fairholme in 2017, but she stands tall in the crowd, with her cheery disposition and positive outlook on her new journey, 'Penne' will be one to watch!  

Year 12 Results 2016

We offer our sincere congratulations to our Year 12 students for their combined successes as a cohort. 

How Many Words Can you Paint?

Emerging artist Bronte Naylor believes a picture can literally paint a thousand words for students today. The Artist, also known as Noke, says she hopes Fairholme's art exhibition in 2017 will show young artists there's much more to their work than the end product. 

Gift of Music

Isabel Fitton knows first hand the benefits of a Fairholme Scholarship. The Music Scholarship recipient will enter Year 12 as the Captain for Instrumental Music in 2017, following a tremendously successful 2016. 

Farewell Fairholme

I remember Dr Evans saying, 'You will always take something from Fairholme - whether it be the friends, the sense of community or the life lessons.' I definitely think the sense of community, and the amazing people I've met is something I will remember for a very long time." 

Elyssa Rummell

Elyssa Rummell began her Fairholme journey in Year 4. She’s made dozens of friends, seen some come, and some go. But the photo of the girls standing in front of the Homestead is a replica of one taken in Year 9, and… 

Seniors 2016

Next week our Year 12 girls will leave the College grounds as students, and one day return as Fairholme Old Girls. They're adventures over the years and indeed in the last 12 months, have helped prepare them for a life beyond their Fair Holme. We wish them every success, as we share their stories. 

Seniors 2016

Next week our Year 12 girls will leave the College grounds as students, and one day return as Fairholme Old Girls. Their adventures over the years and indeed in the last 12 months, have helped prepare them for a life beyond their Fair Holme. We wish them every success, as we share their stories. 

Leading Zoologist Leaves Lasting Impression

Ann Macaulay Cameron, a Prefect at Fairholme in 1957, shared inspiring words in her Senior Year, which were published in the College Magazine. Ann went on to to become a significant Zoologist, and an expert in marine toxicology. Ann graduated with first class honours from UQ in 1963 and PhD in 1969. She was possibly the first Fairholme Old Girl to graduate PhD, and championed the way for many more. 

Calling You Home

More than 160 people returned the Fairholme College Assembly Hall to help celebrate the Launch of 100 Years at Fairholme in 2017. Memories were shared, Old Girls performed, Artwork depicting those memories was unveiled, and our oldest living student shared her story. 

No Fast Fashion

The Fairholme Fashion Week 2016 saw the bright colours of successful Queensland Designers paired with student designs, to make for an amazing event at the Gala Fashion Parade at the Spring Fair on Saturday. Winners have walked away with cheques totalling $2500 for their efforts, and advice from leading Designers who believe in sustainable fashion. 

Snapping History

Fairholme Old Girl, Edwina Robertson, toured her old 'home' today. Her ability to snap amazing photographs, coupled with her love for outback Australia, all began on the grounds in Wirra Wirra Street. 

Don't Fence Me In

As our Boarders head home for the holidays, many will be returning to properties to help their Parents work. One of our Year 10 girls will be helping her Dad finish a huge fencing project, in North West Queensland. 

Sheltered From The War

Joan Gratton (nee Mackay) class of 1943, shares her memories of Boarding School and the extraordinary measures that were put in place to protect students during the War Years. 

Life on the Land

Emma Hagan's heart belongs to the outback. She spends her days learning at Fairholme College, preparing for career on the land. 

Gold Girls On Top Of The World

Three former Fairholme girls are today on top of the world, literally. They've been part of the Women's Rugby 7s Team that has made history in Rio at 8.30am AEST, when they won Gold against New Zealand in a thrilling match. 

National Hockey

14 Year old Tatum Stewart has been selected to play at the Nationals for the Under 16's Hockey Team. 

Leading The Way

Dr Linda Evans, Principal of Fairholme College, has been recognised for her studies in the professional learning of Teachers. But she says the long term outcome is worth much more than an award. 

A Classroom Built in a Home

Next year a 12 year old girl will travel nearly 800 kilometres and step into a classroom for the first time in her life. Fairholme staff have just returned from visiting the McGrath family who run a sheep farm near Bourke. 

Flying High - From Hong Kong To Fairholme

Meet MJ, a Fairholme Boarder whose home is in Hong Kong, is sometimes lucky enough to sit in the cockpit of a plane piloted by her Dad, and loves to sing. 

From Sheep Farming To Tartan Skirts…

Each week we will feature a story of one of our Boarders. Where they come from, what they love, and how they fit in at Fairholme. This is Claire Tully's story. 

Raising The Barre

Year 10 student, Holly Bradley, is taking her plie to the next step, as she flies out for an international Dance Workshop in Budapest. 

Former Fairholme Girls Head for Rio

Two former Fairholme Touch players are headed for Rio, after being named in the Rugby Sevens Olympic team. 

Fairholme's '2016 Junior Art Expo' Success!

There's still time to see the amazing work of our Fairholme Art Students on display at the Toowoomba Regional Art Gallery until next week. Fairholme College has taken out the Schools' Encouragement Award at the 2016 Junior Art Expo, with the most acceptances in this year's awards. 

Equestrian Success

Some of our girls spent their holidays in competition. The Equestrian team showed they're a jump ahead of the rest in the State Championships. 

Discovering Our Boarders

At the end of the day we come away with so much more than the information we need for that one student. We leave knowing a whole community, which gives us a better idea of what these rural girls need and want at Fairholme." - Pauline Smith, Teacher and Boarding staff member 

What You Are, The Name Of The School Shall Be

Today Fairholme College celebrated Founders' Day. We welcomed old girls onto the grounds to walk the new Heritage Trail, before holding an Assembly to celebrate 'What makes Fairholme, Fairholme'. 

Serving the Community

Our Year 11 girls have been on Community Service this week, helping with anything from cleaning up along the Toowoomba Range, to playing music for the elderly. The program is an extension of the core values of Christ at the College, centred around Faith, Respect and Enjoyment. 

Bonjour et Bienvenue à Fairholme!

The first of six French exchange students have arrived at Fairholme College this week. The two girls arrived on Sunday and will attend classes at Fairholme for the next 10 weeks. 

Miles 4 Mizpah - Update 2

Mr Peackock has been on the road for two weeks, cycled 1566 km, climbed 19,188 metres and spent 65 hours 58 min in the saddle. 

Stephen's House Takes Home Trophy

It was wonderful to see so many girls put in their best effort at the Year 3-6 Interhouse Athletics Carnival. A mixture of wonderful talent and great sportsmanship saw a successful carnival take place. 

Mastering the Mater

Fairholme students have spent the day at the Mater Hospital in Brisbane, for hands on training. The unique partnership between the College and the Hospital, allowed the girls to use the hospital's equipment and gain a better understanding of working in the health profession. 

Setting A Cracking Pace

Fairholme Boarder, Georgia Pitman will take on the best whip crackers from around Queensland this weekend, to keep the Australian Championship under her belt. 

Brave Shave

A group of Senior Fairholme girls will either shave their heads, or cut their long locks to raise money for cancer tomorrow. For one student the event holds a very personal significance. 

World Star Back On Home Soil

Emilee Cherry has spent the weekend back at home, in Toowoomba and, despite the wild weather, took to her old stomping ground on the Fairholme oval for a training session. We took the opportunity to catch up with the women's Rugby star. 

A Blank Canvas… Full Of Opportunities

Year 11 art student, Isabella Grant, will spend July in New York at the Steinhart Summer Intensive Art Program after receiving one of only 35 acceptance letters world wide. 

Hockey Trio Selected for Qld

Three students will travel to play hockey at a state level, after being selected in Queensland sides this week. 

Sharing Your Stories

Share your contribution to the celebration of 100 Years @ Fairholme 

New Look Pool

Fairholme's indoor pool to close for renovations and improvements. 

Historic Win

Four former Fairholme College students have left their mark in Australian history, after winning the World Rugby Women's World Series. 

Music To Your Ears

Junior School students perform at the Lunchtime Concert series. 

Miles 4 Mizpah

Mr Peacock has ridden just over 540 kms out of London as he attempts to cycle from London to Avignon in just 26 days, raising funds for Mizpah. 

Touch Down!

Former Fairholme student Alice Rathie has been selected in the Australian Youth Team for the Trans-Tasman Test Series. 

Rising Stars

Fairholme's Samantha Lenton and Ellie Bowyer selected to represent Australia at Oceania Melanesian Atheltic Championships in July. 

Hitting the stage in International Athletics

Ellie Bowyer (Year 11) and Samantha Lenton (Year 12) hit the international stage in July when they represent Australia for Athletics at the Oceania Melanesian Championships to be held in Fiji. Both are outstanding throwers… 

Speech and Drama Accolades

Congratulations to Year 9 student, Sienna Davis who recently topped the state for her Grade IV AMEB Speech and Drama exams. As a result, Sienna receives the Barbara Sisley Award which will be presented to her at Parliament… 

Fairholme Girls in State Hockey Teams at Nationals

Earlier this term Year 9 students Briana Suey and Tatum Stewart competed as part of the Queensland teams at the U15 Australian Hockey Championships in Wollongong. Briana Suey was part of the Queensland No. 1 side which won… 

Fairholme Netballers attend State Camp

Congratulations to Lucy Mantova, Year Nine, and Jillian Smolenksi, Year Ten, who were selected to take part in Netball Queensland’s Regional Academy State Camp held in Brisbane recently. Lucy and Jillian are members… 

Further success in the saddle

Fairholme Equestrian team racking up the points at local events 

New Head of Fairholme Junior for the New Term

We warmly welcome Mrs Erin Tonscheck as Head of the Junior School from Term 2 and look forward to her immersion in 'all things Fairholme'.  


Red carpet, glamour and crowds of eager family, friends and staff lined the edges of Fairholme’s Palm Drive, to herald the entrance of this year’s senior cohort, as they celebrated their much-anticipated Formal… 

Realising dreams and developing skills

Fairholme current Year 12 student, Samantha Lenton, recently attended Bond University for an action packed, one day program as one of 100 students awarded an RSL Youth Development Program grant. 

Super Fish makes a splash as Darling Downs Team Captain

Fairholme Senior, Zara Barton, announced as Darling Downs Girls Representative Swim Team Captain. 

Fairholme Throwers Excel in Perth

With the six day Australian Junior Athletics Championships drawing to a close on Sunday, the Fairholme throws contingent of Bella McLoughlin, Ellie Bowyer and Samantha Lenton have left no doubt that they are well on the… 

Success in the saddle

Congratulations to our Fairholme riders for their outstanding results at the first Interschool equestrian competition for 2016 held at Warwick recently. 

'Cotton-ing' on to Ag Science

To celebrate the introduction of Agricultural Science as an elective subject in 2016, Year 11 students travelled to Jondaryan recently for the College's very first off campus, Ag Science field trip. 

Fairholme Netball champions win Laura Geitz Shield undefeated!

Blasting through the tournament at the Clive Berghoffer Stadium, Fairholme College took on Goondiwindi State High School in the final, and won 19 – 4, taking out the Darling Downs Competition from a record number of… 

Induction of Senior Leaders 2016

There were some very proud moments for Fairholme 2016 Seniors, parents, staff and guests during the Fairholme College Induction of Senior Leaders Ceremony held recently. 

Fairholme Junior Athletes Shine at State Championships

Congratulations go to Fairholme's talented young athletes who contested the Queensland Junior Championships over the weekend, bringing home and incredible 14 medals between them.  

Not your everyday 'Social'

Seniors combine forces on Valentines Day to raise money for Sponsor Children 

National Youth Science forum an 'Inspirational' experience for Year 12 scholar

Clara Lee's perspective-changing experience being selected for an outstanding program for students who are passionate about science, technology, engineering and maths (STEM). 

Equestrienne Accolades

2015 Interschool Queensland School of the Year! 

Building on our strengths

Renovations to the Boarding House and upgrades to Middle School staffrooms, the HOLMEstore and Career Pathways centre have been progressing well during the holidays. 

Year 12 Results 2015

We offer our sincere congratulations to our Year 12 students for their combined successes as a cohort. 

Better than 'Good' Sports!

Fairholme sports stars shine in a plethora of disciplines 

Fond farewells

The Fairholme family celebrated the graduation of the seniors of 2015 with a series of memorable events last week. The girls enjoyed a very special Valedictory Dinner with parents and staff on Thursday 19 November, followed… 

Celebrating Successes

Presenting Fairholme Annual Awards Presentation Evening showcases diverse achievements  

Leading the way

Fairholme College Head Girl, Head Boarder and Head Day girl announced for 2016  

'Leading the way' in Carriage Driving

Outstanding success for Year 7 Carriage Driver, Sophia Williams at the National and State Championships. 

Songbirds Stun Audiences

The 21st Fairholme Singing Studio recital showcased outstanding vocal talent on Saturday 31 October. 

Fond Farewells

During and emotional and moving week the Fairholme College community took the time to share some very 'special' events to farewell College Chaplain, Pastor Richard Jessup, Head of Fairholme Junior, Mrs Lyn Merry and Head of Sport, Mr Nick Byron, who will all leave us at the end of Term 4 after decades of meritorious service. 

Young Playwright of the Year

Congratulations to Fairhome College Year 12 student, Grace Jarvis, for her success in winning the Queensland Theatre Company ‘Young Playwright of the Year’ for her original Titus Was Here. Grace was asked to… 

All the Fun of the Fair

Perfect weather, exciting exhibits and an action packed program beckoned a large crowd of Fairholme families and the wider community to the College grounds on Saturday 17 October for the 2015 Fairholme College Spring Fair. 

The 'Crème del la Crème' performs!

Another instalment in the Kaleidoscope Concert Series proved to be an outstanding showcase of Fairholme Talent 

Fairholme Eco travellers release Koko the Green Sea Turtle

During the September holidays a group of Year 9 and Year 11 students travelled to the Whitsundays to participate in an environmental clean-up program, hosted by Eco Barge Clean Seas Inc. 

Year 12 Drama students rethink Macbeth

The Alchemy of Ambition was a watershed production for the Year 12 Drama class of 2015, as it represented the last time these 22 Fairholme girls would perform as an ensemble. 

A Wordsmith Amongst Us

Fairholme College Year 11 student, Eve Smibert, is 'writing her own story' and winning awards along the way. 

Triple Crown TSSS Success

Fairholme College celebrates 'Triple Crown TSSS' success, as the Athletics team walked away with The Chronicle Cup for a 24th consecutive year. 

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