Fairholme College sets a high academic standard and encourages each girl to reach their goals and achieve their best. Boarding House staff are sensitive to each girl’s academic needs as part of her overall college experience, and as such, aim to support boarders in developing self-discipline, work ethic and responsibility towards their carefully designed study program.


All girls complete supervised homework, or prep, from Monday to Thursday evenings. Years 7 to 10 attend prep in the school and are supervised by academic staff.

  • Years 6, 7 and 8 have prep from 7 to 8pm.
  • Years 9 and 10 have prep from 7 to 8.30pm.
  • Years 11 and 12 have desks in the Boarding House and are expected to demonstrate self-discipline by settling to work quickly and quietly.

All girls have time before school, after school and weekends to do unsupervised homework in the Boarding House. If they wish to study in the Fairholme Greta Centre, opening hours are weekdays from 8am until 4pm (this may change during the year) and weekends by arrangement with Boarding House staff.


Stationery and books may be purchased from the HOLMEStore, located on campus. Parents should deposit money in an account with the HOLMEStore so that their daughters may purchase items needed during the term. Visit the HOLMEStore for weekday opening hours.


Tutoring in the Boarding House

Academic tutors assist our senior students in the Boarding House during nightly prep.

Tutorials for Middle School Boarders covering the major subject areas of English, Mathematics and Science are offered free of charge. Times for these are published on noticeboards in the school.